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To give our clients a clear idea of what the amazing Super Borovets project actually entails, have gathered all available information and put it in one place.

What new Facilities will be built?
Updated: 2005-09-28

- A 672 decare golf course is to be built which will include a large feature lake ( we have 2 plots near this golf course. They can be found under ref. numbers 158 and 159).
- one gondola connecting the town with Borovets and Beli Iskar.
- There are also plans to connect pure mineral water to the town and introduce spa facilities.
- Improvement of infrastructure
- Construction of shopping centres.
- Construction of family hotels. An area has already been designated for this.
- There will be 120 cultural monuments, 7 of which will be given national importance.
- A walking/biking trail will be built, connecting the town with Beli Iskar. It will be built alongside the Beli Iskar river and will cover an area of 2697 decares. It will be designed to look like a forest, so many trees are to be planted.
- Another eco trail will be built along Samokov’s Bistritsa river and will connect the town to Borovets. The total area that it will cover is 1658 decares.
- Sports centres will be built. There will also be encouragement of such activities like fishing, horse riding etc since facilities for these will also be improved.

Beli Iskar
- Numerous ski runs to be built connecting the village to the present resort of Borovets.
- All roads in the village will be improved. The main Beli Iskar-Borovets road is to be expanded and improved also. New roads will be built.
- Two 4 chair ski lifts will be constructed to connect the village to the current resort of Borovets.
- An area just outside the village has been designated for the building of chalets. It is planned to have a capacity of 7000 beds. We have plots in this area as well.
- Activities such as ‘mountain safari’ will be started.
- Sports centres will be built. These include snow stadiums with facilities for children, indoor ski runs and sledging.
- Entertainment facilities will be built, which will include things like cinemas etc.
- The Beli Iskar river will be improved to make it more suitable for swimming and fishing. As mentioned above, a 2697 decare eco trail will be built along river, along with a forest.
- A big emphasis will be given to ecological tourism. Family hotels will be built here, integration with locals will be encouraged as well as the teaching of local traditions. In order to do this, activities and courses will be set up to for tourists to learn traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts, the areas folklore, icon making, woodcraft and traditional cooking. An art centre will be built to accommodate for this.

Borovets Resort
- New and improved snowboard runs.
- A brand new golf course. However, this will be no ordinary golf course. It will be built actually in the mountains and will have spectacular views over 5 mountain peaks.
- An enclave of exclusive luxury 5 star hotels will be built in the mountains.
- A new gondola will be constructed to take tourists to the luxury 5 star hotels. This gondola will also be connected with the existing one to make a huge one. This will be done high up in the Rila mountains and the views will be spectacular.
- Tobogganing facilities will be constructed. It is expected that the toboggan run will start outside the Rila hotel and finish just south of the Sokolets gondola station.
- A new reservoir will be built in order to expand and improve Borovets artificial snow making facilities.
- The lake next to the only apartment development going on in Borovets- Villa Snowdrop (ref. 168), is earmarked for development to make it suitable for swimming fishing etc.
- A number of swimming pools and tennis courts are to be built.
- Numerous more ski runs are to be constructed.
- Borovets ski lifts and gondola will be improved and more are to be built.
- A sports centre will be constructed.
- A new eco-trail will be built going through 4 mountains.

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