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1098 PROPERTIES SOLD SINCE JUNE 2004 ... 350 Million Euro Super Borovets Project to go ahead! Book your viewing trip with us now
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Borovets- The New Golfing Mecca!

In the Borovets area alone, there are to be 3 golf courses! So, if you’re a golf fanatic, then the Borovets area is the place to purchase in without a doubt. Millions of Euros are to be invested to turn the Borovets area into a golfing mecca. Hundreds of acres will be landscaped into the finest golf courses in Bulgaria and this is all happening in 3 particular areas:

Samokov town:

Inclusion in the Super Borovets project and having millions of Euros invested in it is obviously not enough for this town! It is also getting a 672 decare golf course! The golf course is to be landscaped by some of Bulgaria’s top landscapers and will include some stunning water features. Included in these water features is a very large lake plus a sequence of numerous smaller ones which will add to the stunning scenery.

This will no doubt hugely boost Samokov’s summer trade. In winter there is of course Borovets for skiing and numerous other sports and activities, then in summer, when the weather is warm, it will be the perfect place to come and relax. You can spend a day on the golf course, or perhaps go swimming at Lake Iskar- Bulgaria’ inland sea or walking in mountains. The list is quite endless for what you could do here and the great thing is that the Super Borovets project will greatly expand the activities available in summer. This golf course is one of these things.

If you purchase a holiday home here, you will access to all these great facilities plus the any property here will benefit from the large capital growth due to the huge investment from the Super Borovets project. Out of the whole of Bulgaria, the Borovets region is one of the best places to buy in simply because of this extensive project. Any purchase, whether it is land, a shop, villa or apartment ca

Borovets Ski Resort:

The Borovets golf course will be a golf course with a difference! There will be no other like it in Bulgaria and the idea is to make this one mind blowing. This particular one is to be set up high in the Rila Mountains and will have the most breath taking views over 5 mountain peaks and the surrounding area. As a result, it has earned the nickname ‘5 Mountains Golf Course’.

This golf course will be the ‘icing on the cake’ for Borovets. Hundreds of millions of Euros are being spent here to turn it into an all year round winter and summer resort. An amazing golf course such as this one is perfect to finish off the whole project and massively boost summer tourism.

People who actually purchase in the resort will have easy access to the course. In fact, there are only 2 apartment developments going on and this is all that is for sale. We at have both of these on our site and they can be found under the Ref. numbers 168 (Villa Snowdrop) and 268 (the Flora Complex). Due to their rarity and exclusivity, both complexes are selling out fast.

Nearby the ‘5 Mountains Golf Course’ will be an exclusive enclave of 5 star hotels. All in all, this is a top of the range golf course in a very prestigious area. It will make golfing here an unforgettable experience.

Dolna Banya:

The Dolna Banya golf course is the most extensive course in the area. It will cover a huge 750 acres and this is set to expand even more so when extra land is acquired. No expense will be spared on this particular development- luxury and top quality golfing are the main aims.

In order to achieve these aims, an initial investment of 12 million Euros is to be made. This budget is set to increase as the project gets under way. Behind the whole thing is a Bulgarian-Irish consortium which comprises of local and national politicians and businessmen.

Apart from the course itself, 2 hotels, 2 top of the range sports centres, a shopping centre plus numerous other facilities are planned to be constructed. This will turn the area into a one stop shop for holidays and of course, turn any purchase made here into an excellent investment opportunity.

Dolna Banya property and anything in the surrounding area, is set to rocket in value the moment construction starts on this mega-golf project. In fact, we at have already started to see a sharp change in prices. Investors and holiday home seekers have seen what an great investment opportunity this particular area is and are not hanging about when it comes to buying property- it’s a case of first come first served, so don’t get caught and buy now before the expected price boom. Being located only 15 minutes by main road from the soon to be expanded Borovets plus its top quality ski facilities and an hours drive from the capital of Sofia, the location is unbeatable.

Aside from this amazing golf course, Dolna Banya has a huge amount to offer tourists. The town itself already attracts plenty of people because it has some of best quality spa water available in Bulgaria. In fact, the Romans built their own Roman baths here and after them the Turks made good use of the 67C mineral water by constructing numerous Turkish Baths. Nowadays there are modern spa facilities which are perfect for spending a day or 2 being pampered at.

The area has a unique microclimate which is particularly beneficial for those with respiratory problems and arthritis. In effect, Dolna Banya is an incredibly healthy place to live and for many years, Bulgaria’s elite have made their holiday homes in this particular town.

Another famous spa village is located very close to Dolna Banya. The spas at Momin Prohod are said to be some of the best in the country offering the very best quality mineral water and treatments. Located only 10 minutes away by main road from Dolna Banya, it is very easily accessible.

To cope with the huge amounts of extra tourists to Borovets and Dolna Banya, there are pans of extending the small airport next to Dolna Banya. At the minute, the airport handles private flights, offers lessons, does training etc but if it was extended to take on tourists and visitors to this particular, just think of the huge influx of visitors. For those who have invested here or are thinking of doing so, this is excellent which ensures the that any purchase made will be a gold standard buy.

Golf Course Plans

(Please Click on the following links to see plans of each golf course).

Samokov Golf Course

Borovets Golf Course

Dolna Banya Golf Course