www.skipropertybg.com - property in Bulgaria for sale http://www.skipropertybg.com Property in Bulgaria for sale. Real estate in Bulgaria. Copyright 2008, www.skipropertybg.com Article: Bansko is the Favorite Resort of Turkish Tourists in 2017 http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_444.html Bansko occupies the first place among the most visited tourist destinations by Turkish citizens abroad in 2017. According to the study of agency N 11, Bansko ranks first in the tourist trips made by T 2017-12-14 Article: Bansko Municipality has Allocated BGN 120,000 for the Organization of the Snowboard World Cup http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_443.html In response to a request from the Bulgarian Ski Federation, 120,000 leva were allocated for the organization of the World Snowboard Cup in 2018. Contests in parallel giant slalom and snowboard cross-d 2017-11-29 Article: Bansko Ski Resort Among the 15 Best Ski Resorts in the World http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_442.html Winter is fast approaching, but there's no need to feel blue about the colder temperatures and shorter days. After all, the winter months bring holidays, festivities and, most importantly, the ski sea 2017-09-12 Article: Bansko Will Host The International Jazz Festival 2017 in August http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_441.html At the beginning of August in the jazz capital of the Balkans - Bansko, we will be able again to hear some of the most talented musicians. The Bansko International Jazz Festival has already become a 2017-07-27 Article: New Plan for Taxing Waste Disposal http://www.skipropertybg.com/SuperBorovets_article_440.html The payment of a "garbage fee" changes dramatically. The current principle on which the municipality's waste of garbage was formed is based on the tax assessment of the property, but this me 2017-07-12 Property: BA580 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_2022.html

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Comfortably furnished 1-bedroom apartment for sale with mountain view! The apartment complex is situated midway between the Gondola and the centre of the town! Perfectly located, it at the same time offers the diversity of the modern town, tranquili <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 19,990 <b>Euro</b>

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Property: BA579 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_2018.html

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4 star completed ski apartment PRICED TO SELL! Just 307 Euros per m2; Permission for Use/Act 16 Granted! Price for this last remaining apartment in this development has been reduced to 307 Euros per m2; an ideal opportunity for anyone that wants to <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 10,950 <b>Euro</b>

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Property: BA556 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_1479.html

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Well located apartment, only a few minutes walk from Gondola! Great investment and Holiday Home Opportunity! Bargain apartment available near Ski Lift! Investments simply don't get any better than this! Situated in the most desirable part of Bansko <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 24,800 <b>Euro</b>

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Property: BA493 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_1393.html

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One bedroom apartment in quiet area of Bansko! This property is ideal if you are looking for a Bulgarian mountain home that has good views whilst still being close to the essential ski facilities such as the gondola and apres-ski amenities. The apa <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 17,900 <b>Euro</b>

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Property: BB869 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_1384.html

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Open to offers!!! We don't often come across such great value properties as this one in the fast moving Borovets market, so when one does come along, it should be snapped up immediately. The property is located on the upper edge of Klissura village. <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 17,995 <b>Euro</b>

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