www.skipropertybg.com - property in Bulgaria for sale http://www.skipropertybg.com Property in Bulgaria for sale. Real estate in Bulgaria. Copyright 2008, www.skipropertybg.com Article: The Ski Season in Bansko will Last until 15 April http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_449.html The ski season in Bansko will last until April 15, when it will be officially closed. Over the past few days, snow has increased by about 30 centimeters in the ski center. In some places, the snow cov 2018-03-26 Article: Hundreds of Tourists Arrive in Bulgaria’s Bansko for the Snowboard World Cup http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_448.html Hundreds of tourists arrive in the winter capital of the Balkans - Bansko to watch the Snowboard World Cup live. Hotels in Bulgaria"s ski resort were booked almost three months before the race. 2018-01-27 Article: 10 Reasons To Visit Bulgaria In 2018 http://www.skipropertybg.com/SuperBorovets_article_447.html Bulgaria is not on the bucket list of most travellers and many would find it difficult to place the country on a map. This is a shame because Bulgaria is an amazing, underrated travel destination, one 2018-01-04 Article: MPs Gave the Green Light For the Construction of a 2nd Cabin Lift in Bansko http://www.skipropertybg.com/Bansko_article_446.html The cabinet decided in favor of the ski tourism in Bansko and gave the green light for the eventual construction of a second cabin lift. This happened at the last meeting of the Council of Ministers f 2017-12-28 Article: Borovets Ski Resort Opens the Ski Season on December 23 http://www.skipropertybg.com/SuperBorovets_article_445.html Borovets opens the ski season on December 23 (Saturday), and the most impatient friends of white sports will have the chance to enjoy free night skiing on Friday. Winter in the first mountain resor 2017-12-21 Property: BA496 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_1397.html

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Incredibly well located development just 150m from Gondola! Extensive facilities for the ultimate holiday experience! Situated in the most desirable area of Bansko, this exclusive complex is selling out very well. With all facilities, top locatio <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 44,990 <b>Euro</b>

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Property: BA435 http://www.skipropertybg.com/more_inform_1302.html

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Plot in Banya! Are you looking at buying somewhere a little different, somewhere where the rest of the world is not investing in, but you will get good returns on your money? Overlooking the Pirin Mountains and set in a popular village, this plot co <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 26,990 <b>Euro</b>

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4 Bed Villa in Beli Iskar! Ideal all year round holiday home! Although located close to Borovets ski resort, Beli Iskar can be enjoyed all year round due to its balmy summers, colourful autumns and mild spring times. It is one of the most popular ho <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 34,990 <b>Euro</b>

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One bedroom apartment located in a Residential building with low maintenance fee! The apartment building is located near the Glazne River, behind the 5 - star Lucky Bansko Hotel. The apartment we offer for sale is located on the last (fourth) floor <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 24,950 <b>Euro</b>

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Two bedroom apartment with fireplace, located in a quiet area of Bansko! The building is located on a quiet street in Bansko, 800 meters from the town park and the center. The apartment is two bedroom and is located on the third residential floor, <br/> <br/><b>Price:</b> 37,950 <b>Euro</b>

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