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Property Planning Advice

We have a great variety of Bulgarian plot property available on site. Some properties are regulated, some are not or are about to be and others may come with full building permission. However, if you are not familiar with Bulgarian systems, or dont speak Bulgarian or have someone reliable and willing to spend a large amount of time to do it, then doing what you want with a plot maybe much more difficult.
Our staff are expert in this field and can offer you their extensive knowledge and support in what is often a lengthy and very time consuming process. We can take the hassle of this completely out of your hands and liaise with the Samokov Planning Board. This will help you realise your goals and not waste time in achieving them.


So your plot is not regulated? Depending on the plot, it is likely we can regulate it for you. The process takes around 7 months, depending on plot and location and the Planning Board charge for this service. It is done on a per m2 basis with the minimum price being around 1 Euro.
During the time a plot takes to be regulated numerous visits to the council as well as to other Bulgarian government divisions depending on the plot. Documents will need to be presented and we can do all of this for you. We charge a minimum fee of 900 Euros for this due to length of time and often difficulty of the process, however, on your part, it will be money well spent as a regulated plot property is always worth much, much more than a non-regulated plot. In some cases, at least 50% more.

Building permission

To either build or raise the value of a plot, then building permission will be required. As with regulation, the time scale of this process does vary quite a bit depending on the plot and the Planning Board themselves and as with regulation, it can be a rather difficult process. Laws have to be abided by and dealing with Bulgarian bureaucracy, particularly in the Borovets area which is about to undergo massive change in the form of the Super Borovets project, may not be the most enjoyable experience.
With the help of one of our reliable staff, who will liaise and constantly monitor the progress of your application, you can sit back and relax. Our minimum fee is 900 Euros due to length of time and often difficulty of the process, however, on your part, it will be money well spent. You will be able to build or simply have the value of your Bulgarian plot property raised greatly.


You may have a project which you want realising, whether it is large or small, we can recommend qualified architects who can advise you. The benefit of going through us is that you can be sure of having our full support too. We will ensure your project gets priority, particularly at the local Council, so that it doesnt get put to the back of the queue causing you to lose time. Time is a very important factor in the Bulgarian ski property regions as in winter time, no building can be done due to snow and low temperatures so we will try and make sure that your project is passed as quickly as possible.
Prices vary according to requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Building Services

Your plot might be regulated, with full building permission but where do you go from there? Have a look at our Building Services section to see more information on our recommended Bulgarian builders.
It is worth nothing that building works are only done outside of winter in the Borovets area due to the weather. As a result, builders tend to be more than busy with local Bulgarian clients who book their services first. Plus with the building boom about to start in Borovets resort, it is vital that you secure yourself a reliable builder for your property in Bulgaria. This is why we have teamed up with the areas best builders who have agreed to give priority to our clients, which is invaluable. We know of people who have bought very good plots and have decided to do things independently. They are still no further than they were a year ago for example- no villa and still an empty plot. Building prices will have risen by then and also the demand for builders.
To clients we also offer the option to have your own personal Project Manager. Someone who will work on your behalf to ensure all jobs are being done satisfactorily and will update you regularly with photos etc. This is particularly useful if you dont have the time, local knowledge or inclination to keep visiting Bulgaria to check on your project.